Why Should Your Business Lease LED Lights?

Why Should Your Business Lease LED Lights?

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LED lighting can significantly reduce the energy costs of a business. This is because these lights use about 90% less energy than ordinary lighting solutions. Apart from these cost savings, LED lighting has a greater light output which in turn helps to increase productivity. Last but not least, LED lights are compatible with solar energy due to their low energy requirements. This offers your business more options when it comes to reducing your energy bills by tapping into renewable energy sources.


While switching to LED lighting makes perfect commercial sense, leasing LED lighting helps your business save even more money. Here are some reasons why you should lease LED lights.


Good Returns on Investment


When you lease your LED lighting system, you invest in a system that offers you great returns. LED lighting reduces your energy costs, allowing you to have more resources to invest in other areas of your business. Smart business owners soon discover that they can invest the money they save on energy to pay for the leased LED lights. This makes the project financially self-sustaining.


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Fixed Costs


When you lease your LED lighting, you are guaranteed that your expenditure on the LED infrastructure will involve fixed payments. For example, if your business borrows to buy the LED lighting outright, your loan may be subject to variances in interest rates. This means that you may end up paying much more than you had originally planned. When you lease your LED lighting, you are sure that your payments are fixed and thus easy to plan for.


No Capital Outlay


Many business owners understand that being able to invest your capital in areas that maximize your returns is good business. By leasing LED lighting, a business can avoid making large capital outlays while at the same time enjoying all the benefits of LED lighting.


Avoid Depreciation Costs


One of the biggest benefits of leasing LED lighting is that the business avoids the costs of depreciation that come with ownership. It also makes upgrading the infrastructure much easier at the end of the lease period should the company feel the need to do so.


Tax Benefits


Depending on the tax laws that apply in the specific state that your company operates from, you may be able to deduct lease payments for your LED lighting as business expenses thus lowering the net cost of your LED lighting lease. This is especially useful for small business owners such as photographers and event organizers.


Fast Turnaround Time


Commercial business loans typically take a long time to be approved. This may be a problem if you have a looming project (such as an event). LED lighting lease applications typically take less time. LED lighting lease solution providers such as CMS Funding can give you feedback on your application in 24 hours. Applying for LED lease solutions also requires less paperwork. For example, CMS Funding has a one-page application form that makes the application process fast and easy.

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