Vendors Only: 4 Ways to Promote Equipment Sales Through Your Website

Vendors Only: 4 Ways to Promote Equipment Sales Through Your Website

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It doesn’t matter what kind of equipment you sell; all equipment vendors who want to be successful should be building and expanding their online presence. To get started, you don’t need to invest in a total website overhaul. These four simple steps can yield surprising results when implemented consistently.


1. Add Value With Quality Content

Creating a wealth of valuable content assets helps to grow your business in a few different ways. First, it helps your search engine optimization. The more landing pages and blog posts you have, the more "crawlable" content there is for Google to rank you on keywords relevant to your products. Think about what kind of questions your ideal audience would have about your product or industry, then find ways to answer them in your content. Second, quality information positions your company as a leader among equipment vendors. Your website positions you as a trusted resource for potential customers.


2. Segment Your Online Audience

When you think about your online visitors, apply the same type of sales funnel logic to them as you would to any other leads in your pipeline. Don’t assume that everyone coming to your website is at the same buying stage. Just like any other type of sales funnel, you’ll have people who are simply gathering information about the market you’re in, those who are actively searching to make a purchase, and a group that’s somewhere in between. When creating content, view each piece individually and address just one segment of your audience. Apply a relevant call to action and you’ll move them through the sales funnel in a much more successful manner.


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3. Build Your Marketing List

You may not grab a sale the first time someone visits your company’s website, and that’s OK; in fact, it’s expected. But you can still create a warmer lead by grabbing their email address and adding them to your e-newsletter list. People probably won’t just give you the email address for no reason, so create a free downloadable resource that’s delivered straight to their inbox. If the information is truly valuable, a small business lead will have no qualms about trading you for their email address.


4. Offer Vendor Financing

Another way to promote your equipment sales online is to connect your potential customers with vendor financing opportunities. It helps you guide the buying process because you’re removing reasons for an online visitor to say no. Create a one-stop shopping experience even for a major purchase, such as equipment. Your customers will appreciate the convenience.


Online marketing truly is about helping your customers get the information they need. Each of these steps should be executed from their perspective. When you create a truly engaging and valuable user experience, you can better increase your online equipment sales.


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