Vendors Only: 4 Things Small Business Owners Expect From Equipment Vendors

Vendors Only: 4 Things Small Business Owners Expect From Equipment Vendors

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Small business growth continues to rise throughout the U.S. and is largely responsible for fueling broader economic growth trends recently. As an equipment vendor, you’re uniquely poised to take advantage of this success by refining your marketing plan and customer experience to truly target small business owners.


Here are four simple things that small business owners want from their equipment vendors and how you can gain and retain them as customers when you incorporate these things into your communications.


1. Understand Your Audience's Needs

Start by really getting to know the pain points of your small business customers. Then, find a way to eliminate them. This is easy when you train your sales team to highlight how your equipment will specifically help small business owners in your industry. You can even make small changes to your website copy. Small business owners are often overwhelmed with running their company, so any headache you can remove for them will gain you loyalty and referrals.


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2. Provide Strong Customer Service

At the heart of most small businesses in America is to desire to provide a more personalized experience for their customers compared to big-box competitors. Owners want the same thing from their preferred equipment vendors. Win customers by offering exceptional service with a staff that is easy to communicate with and understand. Be sure to also stand by your policies to help you retain your customers in the long term.


3. Be Transparent About Pricing and Availability

By providing price ranges for your equipment directly on your company’s website, you’ll attract small businesses that are in the right situation to actually convert into customers. You can save time for everyone by at least giving a general idea of where your equipment pricing starts, whether you sell construction equipment, IT equipment, or anything else. Also, work hard to stick to your promises in terms of delivery and availability. If you fail to meet a deadline, you’re likely to lose that customer.


4. Make Financing Easy

Small business owners are busy and don’t have time to juggle finding the right equipment and the right lender to finance the purchase. Once they leave the page to look for a lender, you risk them never coming back to actually complete the purchase. For a streamlined buying process, you can partner with a lender like CMS Funding to create a truly one-stop buying experience for your customers.


The Bottom Line

It’s a great time to work with small business owners. Make your marketing as effective as possible by incorporating these four easy ideas.


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