The Facts Behind Dental Equipment Financing

The Facts Behind Dental Equipment Financing

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The technology behind the dental industry is advancing each and every day, reaching heights that many dentists couldn't even fathom years ago. But no matter the age of your practice, it’s important to stay competitive by investing in innovative technologies.


While you may already see the benefits of new dental equipment, you may face the issue of insufficient working capital. If this speaks to you then dental equipment financing may be the answer. It’s an affordable option that allows your practice to stay competitive in the industry.


Here's some information about dental equipment financing that you’ll want to familiarize yourself with:


The ‘Bang for Your Buck’

Dental equipment financing gives you access to the newest technologies without breaking the bank. This can set you up for success against the many competitors in your field. How important are x-ray machines, sterilization tools, digital imaging and dental chairs? Pretty important if you want to run a clean yet modern dental practice, right? With these crucial items, your practice becomes more productive, allowing you to take care of your patients more efficiently.


Which is Better for Your Business: Buying or Leasing? Let Us Show You!


The ‘Not So Dreaded’ Approval Process

You may be under the impression that approval criteria for dental equipment financing relies solely on your credit score. However, financing companies such as CMS Funding consider other factors when making financing decisions. CMS cares more about performance than they do a credit score number. Consistent performance and repeat clients lead to steady income, which foreshadows a positive experience for lenders as well.


How to Get a Loan Today

If you’re worried that there might not be a program available that fits your business model, you’re wrong. Financing is available for businesses of all shapes and sizes along with all credit scores.


Credit score aside, as long as your monthly revenue is at least equal to the cost of the purchased equipment chances are you will be approved. Generally, approvals are granted with bad credit but you might have to prove capability to pay (such as assets or revenue.)


While all individual scenarios vary, chances are your lender will make it work for you. CMS Funding has a simple application process, fast approvals, a variety of financing terms and excellent customer service. See what our clients say about us.

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