A Guide To Assessing Printer Leasing Companies

A Guide To Assessing Printer Leasing Companies

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Are old printers costing you hundreds or thousands of dollars to repair and/or maintain? Do you spend more time in printing documents than getting real work done? If problematic equipment is eating up your profits and killing productivity, you should consider leasing printers instead. Working with printer leasing companies allows business owners to stay up to date with the latest printer technologies. It is important to note that no two printer leasing service providers are the same. For example, the printer leasing company that offers a low rate may not provide the best leasing experience. In order to choose the right lease option, it is recommended that you learn how to assess printer leasing companies. This way, you can avoid paying for the wrong printer technology solutions and dealing with hidden fees.


Why Should You Lease Printers?


It is an excellent way to achieve a real return on investment on your technology solutions. By leasing printers, you can generate significant revenue while meeting manageable payments. When you outsource asset management, you do not have to worry about equipment delivery and disposal. Most importantly, you can keep up to date with rapidly changing technology. Studies show that the average service lifespan of a printer is between three and five years. Lease agreements give you access to the most current generation of technology and ensure that your company does not experience the hassle of using outdated machines. Now that you understand the benefits of working with printer leasing firms, find out how to choose the right service provider!


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Make a List of Potential Printer Leasing Companies


In addition to discussing your own printer equipment needs, it is important to interview prospective bidders carefully. For example, you should ask about the service provider’s experience in the type of transaction that you are interested in. In addition, find out if they have experience working with similar firms in your niche. In some cases, a printer leasing company may sell your lease to another servicer provider at some point in the contract. Consider creating a list of potential candidates through the following criteria:

  • Customized contracts: Can the printer leasing company bundle equipment, installation, and maintenance in a single contract?
  • Client relationships: Does the company use high-pressure sales tactic? Are their lease terms reasonable?
  • Trade associations: Does the prospective company belong to a trade association, e.g., Printing Industries of America? Most associations help set standards of conduct that members must meet.
  • Reputation: Does the company have unresolved problems, poor reviews, or financial problems? Are they able to provide information regarding awards and success stories?


Determine Which Leasing Arrangement Best Suits Your Business


When you receive an offer, it is important to take note of several factors, including:

  • Lease facility size
  • Lease flexibility
  • Lease terms
  • Lease type
  • Financial statement impact
  • Cash outlay per month
  • Price


Find a leasing company that can work with your organization’s unique requirements. They should structure printer lease agreements to fit your needs, making purchasing, return, and leasing processes as easy as possible.


Although choosing the right printer leasing company takes up a significant amount of effort, you will thank yourself later. Work with a company that has excellent communication skills, possesses integrity, and has a solid track record. If you need access to capital or equipment leasing and financing solutions, feel free to contact CMS Funding today.

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