5 Easy Steps to Equipment Leasing

5 Easy Steps to Equipment Leasing

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Considering equipment leasing but not sure what to expect? Follow these five easy steps to get the equipment you need delivered to your business in no time. 

1. Define Your Equipment Needs

The first step is to figure out exactly what you need. Do you need to acquire equipment for an entirely new business (such as a new restaurant or dental practice), or are you simply updating a few pieces?


You can lease both new and used equipment, so it’s also important to determine which type suits your needs and your budget. Also, learn what kind of soft costs are involved with the equipment you need, whether it’s training, delivery, or anything else.


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2. Submit an Application

Once you know the details of the equipment you wish to lease, you can apply online for financing. You’ll need to enter some specifics on your business as well as the equipment and vendor information. Most companies allow you to fill out a form online or call to speak to someone directly.


3. Receive a Response in 24 Hours

After your information is received by the equipment leasing company, they’ll reach out to you. Some companies may take a few days, but CMS Funding responds within 24 hours, so you can stick to a quick timeline. You’ll talk to an expert on the phone about your equipment leasing solutions.


4. Review Your Equipment Leasing Offer

Next, it’s time to review your offer and make sure it works for your company. Here are some of the specifics to pay attention to:

  • Length of lease
  • Soft cost inclusion
  • Monthly payment


5. Get Your Equipment

After you finalize your offer, the equipment leasing company partners with your vendor to move forward. You’ll then be able to receive your equipment, get your business moving forward, and start making your monthly payments.


With a funding turnaround time as fast as 24 hours, CMS Funding is an effective resource to take your business to the next level. Whether you’re in expansion mode or reacting to an emergency with existing equipment, leasing gets your business up and running in no time.


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