4 Ways to Market Your Equipment to Small Business Owners

4 Ways to Market Your Equipment to Small Business Owners

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Equipment vendors are an important part of the U.S. economy because they power millions of small businesses throughout the nation. In order to maximize sales, consider taking a second look at your marketing initiatives to make sure they’re truly working for you. Here are four ideas to reach your ideal audience among small business owners.


1. Communicate Your Added Value

Price is certainly important to small business owners but so is the quality of your product and customer service. Identify the strengths of your company and let potential customers know about it. What sets you apart? Is it your on-time delivery? Free installation? Ongoing support center? These things matter to small businesses, especially those who have limited employees to help with equipment set-up and maintenance. Create a story that speaks directly to your customers’ pain points.


2. Make Your Website Customer-Centric

Once you have a clear message established, apply it to all of your promotional materials, especially your website. Analyze your existing online presence and see how you can tweak it to understand your customer’s perspective. Clear navigation is key so, again, this is where you can think about what information your target customer is looking for online and make sure it’s easy to find. Whether it’s equipment specs or pricing lists, any relevant information should be accessible online. You can also include a link to vendor financing options so that interested customers can apply for funding directly from your website.


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3. Get on Social Media

It doesn’t matter what kind of equipment you sell, you need to be on social media. The lines of public and private lives are becoming increasingly blurred, and small business owners are already on social media promoting their own businesses, not to mention researching their upcoming needs. It’s an inexpensive way to quickly reach a very targeted audience. For example, you could create a quick Facebook or Pinterest ad to promote your equipment and content. Alternatively, you could partner with an Instagram influencer to help showcase your products.


4. Advertise With Industry Trade Groups

If your business isn’t currently advertising with industry trade groups, think about ways to partner with them. If you sell construction equipment, you could sign up for a booth at a builders’ trade show. For restaurant equipment, consider sponsoring an industry event to get your brand out there. No matter what your marketing budget may be, these are easy ways to start growing your presence within your industry.


Combining both traditional and digital marketing can be a smart move for equipment vendors. Ease of use is one of the most important factors for customers in any field, so make sure your company is spending time in the same space as small business owners, while simultaneously creating easy paths for purchasing and financing.


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