Vendors Only: 3 Vital Components of an Equipment Vendor Website

Vendors Only: 3 Vital Components of an Equipment Vendor Website

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No matter what kind of equipment vendor you are, your online presence has the potential to vastly increase your sales. But just throwing together a website isn’t enough to engage your leads and convert them to customers. Instead, turn your focus to these three core areas to maximize your success.


1. Authentic Branding

The first part of your website you need to improve is your overall branding. Customers want to work with the best in the industry, especially if they’re considering a big-ticket purchase or lease. Make sure the tone of your website truly reflects your company values. This involves both the aesthetics and the language throughout each page. Is your company a multi-decade veteran of the industry? Or do you pride yourself on being at the forefront of today’s cutting-edge technology? Choose your voice and be consistent with it across all your online channels.


2. Quality Content for Your Customers

Your website is also an excellent opportunity for providing your customers with the information they’re looking for. Provide a broad range of content pieces that help educate them on your products as well as the broader industry. This adds to your authority in the space and gives you additional touch-points for reaching out to them. For instance, if you specialize in restaurant equipment, write a blog post on upcoming trends in the industry. If you just started carrying a new brand of equipment, do a product spotlight to let your customers know. Get creative and show your company’s personality while still giving people real value.


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3. Online Financing Application

Even if you don’t provide financing as an equipment vendor, consider partnering with a lender like CMS Funding to streamline the process for your customers. When you don’t offer any kind of financing application on your website, you leave an enormous gap in the customer journey. Any time you let a customer leave the page, you’re losing an opportunity to make the sale. Include a direct link to create a seamless purchase process and maximize your sales.


The Bottom Line

A strong equipment vendor financing partner paired with quality content and a strong brand can be the perfect combination for increasing sales.


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