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SBA Loans for Working Capital: Pros and Cons

Posted by Alan Brown on Feb 14, 2019 10:47:28 AM


At some point, most small businesses find themselves needing additional working capital to help bridge a gap in funds or take their company to the next level. It’s wise to explore all of your financing options in order to make the best financial decision. We’ll help you weigh the pros and cons of SBA loans to see if it’s the right fit for your business.

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Topics: SBA Loans, Working Capital Loans, Small Business Growth, Business Management, Long Term Working Capital

Vendors Only: Are Print Brochures Dead? 3 Downloadable Marketing Materials that Help Convert Leads

Posted by Alan Brown on Feb 7, 2019 5:26:44 PM


It might not be in vogue to mail out print brochures anymore, but downloadable material should still be an active part of any robust digital marketing plan. You can use downloadable material as gated content to grow your email list or simply as direct downloads on your website. Either way, this helps get vital information in front of your leads to move them through the sales funnel and convince them to choose you as their preferred equipment vendor.

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Topics: Equipment Vendors, Vendor Program, Vendor Financing, Equipment Vendor Marketing

Equipment Leasing for Auto Repair Shops: How Does It Work?

Posted by Alan Brown on Jan 30, 2019 5:19:01 PM



Equipment leasing can be used by auto repair shops of all sizes, ranging from a single location to a large brand with multiple shops across the country. Choosing this form of financing over a loan can help you save on upfront costs, such as a down payment or origination fees. So, whether you need to replace or upgrade existing equipment or are starting your auto repair shop from scratch, find out how equipment leasing can help you make it happen.

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Topics: Auto Repair Equipment, Equipment Leasing, Equipment Financing, Equipment Leasing Strategy, Business Management, Growth

3 Reasons to Scale Your Business with Equipment Leasing

Posted by Alan Brown on Jan 28, 2019 5:21:21 PM


Once you’ve created an established business, you’re likely to start thinking about the best ways to scale. You may want to add a location, invest in new products, or grow your team to reach more customers. Whatever your growth plan might be, you’re probably going to need some savvy financial tools to make it happen.

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Topics: Equipment Leasing, Equipment Financing, Technology Equipment Leasing, Scaling, Growth

How to Boost Your Manufacturing Company with Equipment Leasing

Posted by Alan Brown on Jan 23, 2019 5:23:54 PM


U.S. manufacturing is a booming industry, and while it may seem expensive, there are actually quite a few beneficial opportunities that companies can take advantage of. By utilizing equipment leasing to help finance a new or existing manufacturing facility, you can get quick funding with flexible repayment terms.

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Topics: Equipment Leasing, Equipment Leasing Strategy, Manufacturing Equipment Leasing, Business Management

How to Use Vending Machine Equipment Leasing to Increase Your Revenue

Posted by Alan Brown on Jan 21, 2019 1:00:46 PM


Using equipment leasing to add vending machines to your commercial real estate property can be an excellent way to increase revenue with little to no extra effort on your part. It doesn’t matter if you own or manage retail space, office space, or even a residential area—if people are walking by, having one or more vending machines has the potential to bring success.

We’ll show you exactly how (and why) to give it a shot.

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Topics: Equipment Leasing, Vending Machine Leasing, Equipment Leasing Strategy, Small Business Growth, Small Business Management

How to Avoid a Cash Crunch with a Working Capital Loan

Posted by Alan Brown on Jan 17, 2019 5:24:48 PM


Managing your company's cash flow to avoid any short-term financial issues can be challenging no matter how long you’ve been in business. There are so many variables involved, many of which are out of your control. From consumer household spending to the timing of a customer payment, even the most successful company can face a cash crunch at some point.

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Topics: Working Capital Loan, Working Capital Management, Short Term Working Capital, Working Capital Strategy, Small Business Management, Budgeting

How a Lack of Working Capital Can Hurt Your Company

Posted by Alan Brown on Jan 9, 2019 12:37:07 PM


Working capital is the lifeblood of any small business. If your liabilities outweigh your assets (or come pretty close to it), then your working capital is either non-existent or extremely limited. A loan designed specifically to inject working capital into your business can help you overcome a number of potential obstacles.

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Topics: Working Capital Loan, Working Capital Strategy, Working Capital Needs, Working Capital Management, Small Business Management

Working Capital vs. Cash Flow: Why You Need to Know the Difference

Posted by Alan Brown on Dec 31, 2018 11:18:59 AM


When growing your small business, it’s important to have a firm understanding of your finances. Two of the most important numbers to consider are your working capital and your cash flow. While these figures are related, they aren’t identical. Figuring out each one can help you analyze the health of your business and what steps you need to take in order to ensure future growth.

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Topics: Cash Flow, What Is Working Capital, Wokring Capital Loan, Working Capital Strategy, Business Management

Working Capital: Is an Aggressive or Conservative Strategy Right for Your Business?

Posted by Alan Brown on Dec 26, 2018 2:32:15 PM


Managing your small business’s working capital is a delicate balancing act. A more aggressive strategy involves spending more in order to make more. A conservative approach, on the other hand, requires you to save working capital in order to lower your risk. Which one is best for your company? Keep reading to find out!

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Topics: Working Capital Needs, Working Capital Strategy, Working Capital Management, Working Capital Loans, Business Management

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